(WIP: images and screenshots to come)

Programming Projects:

GNS: A Spotify Live Wallpaper.
An Android app that allows users to display the album art of their currently playing spotify content in the form of a dynamic wallpaper.
This entire project is run by me. The UI/UX design, graphical assets, and implementation are all my own work.

A system that links into Git to signal to project contributors which lines in each file others are currently working on.
The implementation includes a server backend, a local client and accompanying IntelliJ plugin, and a Firefox plugin for Gitlab.
This hackathon project won the first place in the Jetbrains challenge at the HackaTUM 2019.
My role: IntelliJ plugin development.

A Unity based game which has players stranded on an island with a refrigerator strapped to their back. The goal is to pick up vegetables or enemies to freeze them and use them as weapons to fight one's way out.
This project was part of the SemesterGameJam of Winter 2019.
My role: Graphics programming and shader design in Unity and GLSL/HLSL.

An app that was in theory meant to combine the MVG (Munich public transport) with various car, bike, and scooter rental services to provide a seamless and efficient navigation system. During implementation however, access to MVG databases got revoked, leading us to look for our own solution. Eventually we ended up building an Azure-based system that autonomously scraped information from other website to build an independent navigation database.
This hackathon project won the first place in the Microsoft challenge at the HackaTUM 2017.
My role: Android app implementation

Carrot Warfare.
A PyGame based game that has up to four players collecting seeds to plant autonomously fighting vegetables in a chaotic and colorful frenzy.
This game won second place at a private game jam at the Technical University of Munich in 2017.
My role: Graphics programming in Python.

This website.
My homepage was implemented by myself using bootstrap 5.